Evidently, Self-Denial Isn’t Their Strong Suit

It may not endear them to their significant others, but the self-indulgence of men age 25-39 must gladden a marketer’s mercenary heart. In polling conducted for GQ magazine, 37 percent of men in this age cohort said (sheepishly or otherwise) that the majority of their discretionary income “is spent on myself.” The survey also offered a list of categories and asked the men to pick the ones in which they’re likely to pay a premium for luxury brands. The highest vote went to consumer electronics, with 59 percent saying they’ll pay a premium for such goods. Also scoring well were home furnishings (49 percent), dress shoes (45 percent), travel (44 percent), beer/wine/ liquor (42 percent) and casual clothing (41 percent). Will this spending help them feel good about themselves? Maybe, as 64 percent agreed with the statement, “I think I’m going to like who I become over the next 10 years more than who I am right now.”