Every Cents-Off Counts

If we’re now in an economic dark age, a study suggests it portends “a coupon usage renaissance.” An Icom Information Communications survey of consumers found 45 percent saying they’re much more likely to use coupons during a recession. Another 22 percent said they’re somewhat more likely to do so.

If usage of coupons does increase, this would represent a reversal of recent trends. Icom says coupon renewal rates fell below 1 percent during the past 10 years.

You might expect lower-income consumers to be much more eager than others to boost their use of coupons when the economy sags, but the poll found otherwise: 68 percent of those with income under $50,000 said they’re at least somewhat more likely to use coupons in a recession, as did 67 percent of those making $50,000-plus. In a breakdown by age, inclination to use coupons more was highest among 18-34-year-olds (71 percent) and lowest among those 55-plus (63 percent).