The Ever-Improving Home

The crummy economy hasn’t entirely squelched Americans’ enthusiasm for home-improvement projects. In a poll last month among members of This Old House‘s audience panel (with responses weighted to reflect home-improvement-media consumers in general), just 3 percent said they’re “holding off on all projects until the housing market recovers.”

Twenty-three percent said they’re “doing fewer home-improvement projects overall,” and 29 percent said the majority of the fewer projects they’re doing “are for general maintenance/repair.” But an undaunted 32 percent are “still doing or going to do all the projects I planned to do.”

Nearly half the respondents are either “dipping more into my savings or investments to pay for my projects” (18 percent) or “cutting back on other non-home-related purchases (i.e., travel, dining out, etc.) but continuing to spend on my home” (30 percent).