Eveo Launchs B2b Publisher

Web video company Eveo is launching EveoPublisher, a technology that makes it possible for businesses to use streaming video on their Web sites. The EveoPublisher can be used to manage and publish large numbers of video clips such as training videos or promotional presentations.

It would cost a typical company half a million to one million dollars and take about six months to develop the technology necessary to manage and publish more than 50 videos, said Olivier Zitoun, CEO of San Francisco-based Eveo. With his product, the same thing could be accomplished for one-tenth the cost, he claimed.

US Bancorp Piper Jaffray predicts there will be 12.6 million broadband users by the end of this year, Zitoun said. It’s his hope that this will make streaming video a hot property for online marketing and promotional efforts, product demonstrations and training videos.