Events Unit Gains Independence

“They have been great parents, and now we got our degree and moved out of the house,” said Mike O’Neill, CEO of the St. Louis-based events shop.

Karen Branding, a prin ci pal officer at A-B, approached O’Neill and his partners John Nickel and Kevin Quigley ear lier this year to see if they would run BCS as an independent com pany, O’Neill said.

A representative for the St. Louis-based brewery declined to say why A-B decided to unload BCS, other than to say doing so would make the agency “even more competitive.” BCS was opened 22 years ago and now claims annual revenue of $27 million. Terms of the sale were not disclosed.

One source suggested the subsidiary’s sale was a way for A-B to cut overhead.

BCS has handled business meetings, retail-sales promotions, mobile and event marketing, interactive media and exhibits for A-B and a num ber of other companies, such as Coca-Cola, John Deere and Motorola.