Euro RSCG Is on De La Hoya Tequila Team

Thursday brought the announcement that Beam Global Spirits & Wine would be teaming up with boxing star Oscar De La Hoya to promote its Tres Generaciones tequila. Global giant Euro RSCG has been tasked with handling the creative work for the partnership.
Posters and video produced by the firm will first appear this Saturday at the Saul Alvarez vs. Matthew Hatton fight presented by Golden Boy Promotions—De La Hoya’s company.

The pairing of an athlete with a liquor brand might seem an unconventional choice, but the official line is that the match is more about tradition than sports: “Oscar and the De La Hoya family have spent three generations perfecting the art of boxing, and Tres Generaciones has spent many generations perfecting the art of tequila,” said Eric Edge, a spokesman for Euro RSCG. “Oscar’s legacy is due in part to those who came before him; the same can be said of Tres Generaciones.”

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.