Euro Planners Get Out The Vote

New York isn’t a swing state, but if it were, the folks at Euro RSCG might just tip the scales.

Two strategic planners, Shana Lory, 32, and Hillary Keegin, 28, took it upon themselves to organize a voter-registration drive at the New York agency last week. Their “Get Your Vote On!” initiative was designed to get political neophytes to register for what Lory referred to as “the most important election in our country’s history.” They were inspired by MTV’s Rock the Vote and used its materials for the effort.

They sent a message to every employee which said, “If you’re not registered to vote, now is your chance. … Be prepared to perform your most important Civic Duty this November. This election is too important for any of us to be sitting on the sidelines.”

The two politicos proceeded to wheel “vote carts” around the agency all day last Wednesday, playing rock ‘n’ roll and encouraging people to sign up—50 of whom did.

One prominent agency figure with plenty of political experience may have been surprised by the effort. “There is some irony that [RSCG founders] Roux, Seguela, Cayzac and Goudard’s agency here in the States is trying to get the Americans to get the vote out,” says agency co-founder and former Tuesday Team member Tom Messner. (Messner was on jury duty, however, and didn’t get a visit from Lory and Keegin.)

“The problem with voting is that it only encourages the politicians to think that we care about them,” jokes Messner. That doesn’t faze Lory much. “I am a Democrat and virulently despise our president,” she says.

The drive will continue leading up to the RNC. Explains Lory: “We missed a floor and will be going to [sister agency] 4D across the street.”