Et Cetera …

“Jay would say awards are stupid,” said Edwina Chiat, wife of the late Jay Chiat, at her husband’s induction into the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame last Tuesday in New York. Also inducted: Jerry Andelin of Publicis & Hal Riney, late cartoonist Al Hirschfeld, writer/illustrator Bruce McCall and four others. Well-wishers included Hal Riney, McCann Erickson’s Bill Oberlander, Taxi’s Paul Lavois, VCU Adcenter’s Rick Boyko (who reminded the audience that Chiat wasn’t opposed to the Jay Chiat Award, for one), Modernista!’s Gary Koepke and Lance Jensen, TBWA’s Tom Carroll and AQKA’s Tom Bedecarré and Rei Inamoto. … The Ad Club of New York roasted Johnson & Johnson’s Andrea Alstrup Tuesday at the Union League Club. Bill Cella of Magna Global suggested that Alstrup, known as a demanding client, puts the “pest” in

Budapest, her

hometown; her daugh-

ter Megan

labeled her

mom “a control freak” before giving her a Superman cape. … Do Barbarian Group hipsters Keith Butters, Eva McClosky, Rick Webb and Robert Hodgin give off a goth vibe? At the MITX Awards in Boston last Wednesday, they picked up an award for their Volkswagen Passat Web site; the next presenter—prompted by Webb’s hairstyle?—cracked that the Cure is such an underrated band. … Why doesn’t TiVo want to promote itself with TV ads? Because they’ll get zapped! At the HD Expo last week in Los Angeles, Davina Kent described the company’s extensive plan for product placement, including getting TiVo devices into TV programs and encouraging writers to use the verb “to TiVo.” … The Miller Group’s Renee Miller, in three-inch heels and evening dress, was seen last Thursday night handing out catered food to homeless people on Santa Monica’s Third Street Prominade. An agency soirée had wrapped, and she wanted to do something “community-oriented” with the leftovers.