ESS Discovers the Joys of Record Exchange

ATLANTA Elberson Senger Shuler this week launched a new television and print campaign for The Record Exchange, according to the shop.

The Charlotte, N.C., shop designed TV spots for the local client that resemble simple line drawings. Jim Stadler, creative director at ESS, said that the focus of the campaign is to “provide an entertaining product that reinforces the client’s brand message in a subtle, non-commercial way.”

In “Bird Nest,” a black-and-white sketched character, Melvin, sits in a tree. He glances over and notices an egg in a nest. As he grabs the egg, he is spotted by the mother bird, which flies over to attack him. A playful soundtrack accompanies the animated action, and the only onscreen copy comes at the close of the spot. “Experience the joy of discovery without being attacked by a bird” is followed by the company name and locations.

“Manhole” features the same character. This time Melvin sees two rabbits jump into a manhole in the middle of the street. He looks into it and marvels at the bunnies at the bottom of the hole. A bus suddenly runs down Melvin, followed by onscreen text: “Experience the joy of discovery without getting hit by a bus.”

A third execution shows Melvin deep-sea diving and discovering buried treasure. He again meets with tragedy: a toxic waste receptacle crushes him as he is gathering the riches.

The “joy of discovery” theme in all three commercials is what The Record Exchange said its customers experience when shopping in its stores because the merchandise selections change daily.

“The Record Exchange has added DVDs, video games and online sales to our existing retail sales of CDs and LPs,” said Don Rosenberg, company owner. “ESS helped us identify what our brand represents and the best way to position ourselves.”

Print ads began appearing this week in entertainment and news periodicals in Charlotte and Raleigh, N.C., the shop said. The television spots launched yesterday on Spike TV, Sci-Fi Channel, Comedy Central and FX.

The Record Exchange is a 10-store retail chain with locations in North Carolina and Virginia. The company recently celebrated 25 years in business.

Campaign spending was not disclosed.