‘Esquire,’ Mojo Form HD Content Alliance

NEW YORK Esquire magazine and high-definition program channel Mojo have struck a partnership to jointly produce and distribute content for TV and online under the title “Take It From Esquire.”

The content will debut this week as interstitial shorts airing between programs in Mojo’s prime-time programming schedule as well as on the Web sites of both Mojo and Esquire.

Video segments, up to 45-seconds in length, are being produced by Mojo and will be based on topics from Esquire‘s “The Guide” section. The section provides various style tips, such as how to how grill the perfect steak or wardrobe advice for upscale, fashion-conscious men, the core target of both partners.

As part of the agreement, Mojo will buy ads in the magazine to promote the pair’s venture as well as other programs on the channel, said Kevin O’Malley, vp, publisher, Esquire.

Mojo is an all-HDTV channel that began four years ago as INHD and which re-branded as Mojo in May 2007. The channel reaches 27 million digital cable subscribers throughout the U.S.

According to Stacie Gray, svp, marketing and creative for Mojo parent In Demand Networks, the strategy behind the deal with Esquire is to extend the channel’s reach by pairing with a more established brand—the magazine is celebrating its 75th anniversary next year—targeting the same upscale and “discerning” men’s audience. “The partnership enables our complementary brands to connect with our audiences in new ways,” she said.

Esquire‘s O’Malley said the tie-in with Mojo was a “natural fit,” given the constant stream of high-definition programming distributed by the channel. “They produce content in the highest quality format available; there’s no comparison,” he said. “Working with Mojo we have the opportunity to provide our lifestyle tips in an innovative and entertaining manner.”

Under the terms of deal, an initial 10 to 15 segments will be produced and air over the next couple of months. A second round of segments will follow, which the partners expect will be sponsored by outside advertisers, probably incorporating some form of branded entertainment.