ESPN Puts New Spin on Fantasy Football

NEW YORK Four cute young women—Randi, Randy, Candy and Sandy—are lounging on a big bed, wearing belly-baring T-shirts and tight shorts and talking about football, in Wieden + Kenney’s latest work for ESPN’s fantasy football Web site.

It turns out they know way too much about the National Football League. And, in a Twilight Zone sort of way, the women also know they are “part of some guy’s fantasy.” They get to discuss trades, player strengths and weaknesses, and other football tactics before turning to the real reason they exist: to have pillow fights, exercise and look sexy.

Realizing that ESPN’s fantasy football is what makes this particular world spin, Sandy moans, “We’re just icing on the cake.” “Ooooh, there’s cake?” asks Randi (or is that Randy?).

ESPN is based in Bristol, Conn. Independent W+K’s New York office handles the account.