What Happened for This Entrepreneur When Lacrosse and Chemistry Collided

Hex Performance's Drew Westervelt didn't set out to create a new laundry detergent

Former professional lacrosse player Drew Westervelt knew there had to be a better way to deep clean sportswear. He found that even as clothing makers were adapting their fabrics to accommodate more active lifestyle, cleaning products weren’t keeping up.

Enter Hex Performance, Westervelt’s detergent brand made specifically for activewear that includes a unique ingredient called the Hex molecule.

On this episode of I’m With the Brand, Westervelt tells host Ian Wishingrad how Hex came to be, the challenge of entering the crowded laundry space, and the best piece of wisdom he’s learned: “Lead, don’t follow.”

@ChrisAriens chris.ariens@adweek.com Chris Ariens is the managing editor and director of video at Adweek.