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Enterprising TV Work

A new TV ad from Moffatt/Rosenthal for The Oregon Lottery gives new meaning to the phrase “Live long and prosper.”
The 30-second spot, currently airing in markets statewide, promotes the lottery’s new Star Trek Scratch-It game. It opens with a hapless Trekkie alone on a deserted road, wearing his Federation uniform and holding a handmade sign that reads, “Federation Star Base 6.” A pickup truck approaches with a dour-faced man at the wheel. Upon seeing the hitchhiker, the driver adopts a menacing expression, and it is momentarily unclear what he plans to do.
The truck suddenly screeches to a halt, and the action cuts to a close-up of the truck’s bumper sticker (shown here), which reads, “Beam me up, Scotty.” The Trekkie jumps in, and the truck pulls away.
The spot closes with the lottery’s logo, a graphic of crossed fingers, transforming into a Vulcan salute.
The spot, airing through mid-March, is a hit among Star Trek fans. Monique Veillette, a producer at the Portland, Ore.-based agency, said she was stopped at the grocery store by a fan who “knew every frame of the commercial.”
-Angela Dawson

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