Enterprise Picks Up in Fresh TV Effort

CHICAGO Enterprise Rent-A-Car will break creative this week that will show more of the people who work and rent from the St. Louis-based company and less of the vehicles.

The first of five spots, via Avrett, Free & Ginsberg of New York, will debut on Thursday during the NFL season kickoff on ABC. Enterprise spent $30 million on ads through June 2004 and nearly $50 million last year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

The initial spot features a couple renting a vehicle to go to a football game. When a car driven by an Enterprise employee pulls into the shot, the husband expresses surprise that his wife rented from Enterprise for the big game, and that the company picks them up for free. They should be the No. 1 rent-a-car company, he says. When his wife retorts that Enterprise is the leading brand in the category, he flashes a No. 1 foam finger that he was bringing to the game.

All executions will feature the company’s pick-up service and the signature “special-delivery shot” of the brown paper wrapped car. The tagline remains, “Pick Enterprise. We’ll pick you up.”