Enter, Stooge Left

Classic sound and video clips of Moe, Larry and Curly highlight the first ads for The Three Stooges Beer.
Crafted by Holland Mark Martin Edmund, the broadcast campaign promotes Panther Brewing Co.’s rollout of a brand of beer named for the legendary comedy team. The ads are now breaking in Boston and Pittsburgh, which are serving as test markets for the new brew.
Panther in Westwood, Mass., is named for the fictitious brewery the Stooges join in their 1935 short film, The Three Little Beers. A pair of 30-second TV spots use beer-related footage of the Stooges, including a clip of the boys causing a frothy traffic disaster as they try to pilot a delivery truck.
Eschewing tricky demographic distinctions, agency representative Gayle Nyre summed up the target audience as “guys” and women who respond to the Stooges’ silly brand of humor and don’t offend easily. –David Gianatasio