Endorsement Train Starts Early for Super Bowl QB

Ravens' Flacco inks 1-year deal with Haribo

The “HarBowl” just a got a little bit sweeter for Joe Flacco. Flacco is the latest pro quarterback to grab an endorsement deal after reaching the Super Bowl.

The Ravens quarterback just signed a one-year deal with Haribo, the world’s largest gummy, licorice and marshmallow manufacturer.

“This all happened in the last 48 to 72 hours,” said Allan Charles, chairman and creative director for TBC, Haribo's lead creative agency. “We’re Haribo’s agency and Joe’s here [in Baltimore]. It just happened that simply. There are many possibilities over the next year. “

The Baltimore-based TBC previously launched Haribo’s first branding campaign in the U.S., which included two television ads, sampling events as well as social media and public relations efforts.

In an interview on Yardbarker, a subsidiary of Fox Sports Interactive, Haribo president Christian Jegen said, “It means more to us that Joe is not the kind of guy that lends his face to a lot of brands. You know that in order [for him] to associate with a product, he really has to like it.” And apparently Joe loves Haribo Gold-Bears. (His favorite flavor is pineapple.)

The future is unclear, but TBC and Haribo are hoping to make the most of the new deal and Sunday’s big game.

“This is really a great way to get the word out using [Joe’s] celebrity and the Super Bowl,” Charles said.