Emerson Fittipaldi and a Mystery Celeb Will Star in Kia’s Super Bowl :60 for the Stinger

Teaser shows two of the sports sedans on an abandoned racetrack


Kia will use a 60-second spot on Super Bowl LII—starring racing legend Emerson Fittipaldi and a second mystery celebrity—to advertising the Stinger, its forthcoming sports sedan. This is the Korean automaker’s ninth straight year advertising on the game.

A 15-second teaser that rolled out Thursday shows Fittipaldi, 71, the iconic Brazilian driver, standing next to two Kia Stingers on an abandoned racetrack. The driver of the second car isn’t identified, but Kia said the spot will feature “two eternally youthful legends who have logged seat time in some of the most powerful and exotic cars in the world.”

The 60-second spot, by Kia agency David&Goliath, will air during the third quarter of the Feb. 4 game.

Kia calls the Stinger the “highest performing and most anticipated production model in company history.” It’s intended to compete with pricier sports sedans from BMW, Audi and Lexus.

Last year’s Kia spot on the Super Bowl was the well-received “Hero’s Journey” starring Melissa McCarthy as an eco-warrior who finds that driving a Kia Niro crossover is an easier way to help the planet.

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