EMA’s ‘Campsite’ Earns Kudos, Added Airtime

ATLANTA A television commercial that the Charlotte, N.C., office of Eric Mower and Associates created for Bojangles’ Restaurants has been named one of the best spots of the year by Nation’s Restaurant News, the shop said.

The 30-second “Campsite” ad aired on network stations throughout the Southeast for six weeks in April and May. It will return to the air next month.

NRN, a trade journal that covers the restaurant industry, presents its excellence in TV advertising awards annually based on the work that best promotes the industry. A panel of judges that includes advertising, media and production executives select the winners. The Bojangles’ spot won in the category for companies with annual revenue between $100 million and $500 million. Bojangles’ had annual revenue of $141.5 million last year.

The spot depicts two campers about to eat a late-night Bojangles’ meal when two bears scare them away. The bears, actually hunters in disguise, sit down to eat the fried chicken. They hear gunshots and run away just as the two shooters emerge from the bushes and unzip their costumes to reveal that they are bears. The commercial ends with the two bears eating the meal.

Executives from Charlotte-based Bojangles’ will accept the award Sept. 19 at a ceremony in Orlando, Fla.

EMA has held the Bojangles’ account since it acquired Price/McNabb in Charlotte last summer. Price/McNabb obtained the account the year before.

Bojangles’ operates more than 350 restaurants in a dozen states, mostly in the Carolinas, selling Cajun-style chicken.