Ellen Speaks

Leave it to 15-year-old Ellen Feiss to show people like Ben Curtis how to manage sudden celebrity. The high school sophomore’s appearance in Apple’s “Switchers” campaign has made her a cult figure (with many people happily suggesting that she looks stoned, not just sleepy), but she has wisely shunned the spotlight—perhaps the first recorded instance of such a thing this millennium. Late last month she gave her first media interview, not to David Letterman or Jay Leno (who were both interested) but to Brown University’s student paper, the Daily Herald, which got the scoop reportedly because a staffer there is an old classmate of Feiss’. Some highlights:

On saying no: “I thought if I went on Letterman, it would be like I go on Letterman, and then I go on Regis and Kelly, and then I go on Channel 5 News, and then it would kind of fizzle out pathetically.” On her level of sobriety during the shoot: “The funny thing was, I was on drugs! I was on Benedryl.” On fan Web sites: “Oh, whatever, I think it’s kind of funny. These people don’t have lives.” On Apple’s reaction to her fame: “They were like, ‘We really don’t want you to take this anywhere,’ but I decided to get an agent anyway.” And on Ben Curtis, the Dell dude: “That guy’s a doofus. I get a lot of ‘What if you guys had kids?’ And I’m like, ‘What if we had kids?’ Why would you ask that? What a weird question. They’d probably be blond.”