Chrysler, besieged by calls regarding its decision not to advertise on the Ellen coming-out episode, has set up a touch-tone service to let viewers register their opinion.

Megan Giles, public relations manager for Chrysler, said the automaker’s toll-free customer phone number (1-800-992-1997) has been inundated with calls from people on both sides of the issue.

Phone representatives at the center, which usually handles vehicle-related concerns, were unable to handle the volume of Ellen calls from emotional and angry callers.

Now, callers can hear a recorded explanation of the company’s decision to stay out of that episode of Ellen, starring Ellen DeGeneres (shown here).

Calls, e-mails and letters have been evenly split between the two camps, Giles said.

Chrysler advertised on last week’s episode ‘now that the controversy is dying down.’ But the company hasn’t decided whether to buy time on future episodes, Giles said.

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