Elevacion Does Anti-Terrorist PSA in Spanish

ATLANTA Elevacion said it has partnered with the Advertising Council to develop Spanish-language public service announcements for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The Washington, D.C., shop’s “Listo” campaign breaks today and combines television, radio, print, outdoor and Internet components. According to the agency, the objective of the work will be to direct individuals to a newly designed Web site (www.listo.gov). The venue provides information on emergency preparedness and actions, the shop said.

“Becoming well informed and prepared is our best protection in the event of a future terrorist attack,” said Susan Neely, assistant secretary for public affairs at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. “It is critical to provide the necessary information to the Hispanic community.”

“Listo” is the Spanish component of an earlier campaign produced by The Martin Agency, said Pablo Izquierdo, account manager at Elevacion. One television spot, “Mantente en Guardia” (“Keep Your Guard”), has been produced in 60-, 55- and 30-second versions. All ads, including the 30-second radio spot, have been sent to all Spanish broadcast networks across the country, he added.

“Since it is a PSA, we are relying on donated media,” said Izquierdo. “But, if the press conference is any indication of the support that we will receive from the networks, we are expecting 100 percent coverage.”

Izquierdo added that while the “Listo” campaign is the Hispanic version of Martin’s “Ready” executions, the ads have not been “simply translated.” While English ads feature police officers, military personnel and other authority figures, the Spanish-language campaign features guardian angels, whom Izquierdo said are cultural icons in the Latino community.

In addition to directing community members to the new Web site, the “Listo” series also provides a toll-free number to call and request a free brochure. The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation funded Elevacion’s work, the shop said. Specific financial details were not disclosed.