Elephant Key to ALT’s Tool Work

It’s difficult to say if the handyman or the elephant is the hero in new print work for Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools from Arian, Lowe & Travis.
The Chicago agency’s ads are intended to show the extreme situations maintenance men are called into. Putting the ad together meant trips to Germany and the Netherlands to work with a photographer known for his retouching ability, according to ALT’s creative head, Kevin Lynch.
A factory scene was shot in Germany, then a model of a boiler with an elephant’s rear end sticking out of it was set up in a studio.
Not satisfied with the faux elephant, photographer Hans Kroeskamp took shots of a real one which were then retouched onto the final product. Copy says the new Eliminator wrench “is for maintenance guys who never know what’s next. Which, as far as we can tell, is everyone.”
Armstrong is a tool available only for industrial use, but the ad is running in this month’s issues of enthusiast magazines such as Hot Rod.
The Armstrong brand is manufactured by ALT client Danaher Tool Group of Lancaster, Pa. K