Element 79 Mixes Gatorade Science and Sports

CHICAGO Element 79 continues to tout the scientific basis behind Gatorade in the latest spot in the brand’s “Origins” campaign, which in the past has documented how the drink was developed at the University of Florida and widely adopted by the National Football League.

The new commercial recounts how the Gatorade Sports Science Institute helped Australian triathlete Chris Legh come back from a collapse at the 1997 Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Hawaii to win the 2004 Ironman Coeur d’Alene. As with previous spots, sportscaster Keith Jackson provides the narration.

The 60-second spot, which broke during the ABC Bowl Championship Series broadcasts on New Year’s Day, shows Legh collapse 50 meters from the finish line, as observers describe how his severe dehydration threatened his life. After visiting the GSSI, Dr. Bob Murray helped develop a hydration strategy, which helped Legh in the 2004 event. “I guess this stuff works,” Fegh says in the spot. The work continues the tagline, “Is it in you?”

“Of all the athletes that have come through the doors of the Gatorade Sport Science Institute, Chris Legh’s story is among the most astounding, and it illustrates how Gatorade helps athletes in all sports and across the world stay hydrated so they can perform at their best,” said Cindy Alston, vice president of communications and equity development for Gatorade, in a statement. “We believe there’s nothing more powerful than sharing the true stories of Gatorade to showcase the very real expertise of GSSI and the role of Gatorade as an essential piece of sports equipment.”

Spending on the effort was not disclosed. Pepsico spent nearly $130 million advertising the brand through October 2004, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.