Element 79 Bows Celebrity Cruises Push

CHICAGO Element 79 looks to highlight the style and sophistication of service provided by Celebrity Cruises in its first work for the company since winning the account last year.

Under the new tagline, “Starring you,” a television spot broke on cable networks earlier this week. The spot uses David Bowie’s song “Fame” as its soundtrack and depicts tuxedoed staffers providing champagne and other services on the boat. “How does it feel to be on a Celebrity Cruise?” asks a voiceover. “It’s being recognized, celebrated and indulged.” Those key adjectives are accentuated through on-screen text.

“Celebrity stands for, and has always delivered on, service,” said Danny Schuman, group creative director at Element 79. “We wanted to show what it feels like when you come on our ships.”

A corresponding print campaign highlights the specific amenities unique to Celebrity, such as a glass of champagne offered upon boarding, getting a cool towel poolside and food and drink. The services are shown as if they were roles in a movie, with the star being played by “You,” e.g., “Woman being served breakfast on her veranda … You.”

The campaign, which will also begin airing on broadcast networks in late September, is the Chicago shop’s first work for the Miami company since winning the account in January of this year. Celebrity’s previous tagline, from Havas’ Arnold in Boston, was “The Celebrity treatment.”

Online elements include a dedicated Web site, www.celebritystarringyou.com, where people can share their Celebrity moments with others.

Spending on the effort was not disclosed. Celebrity, a unit of Royal Caribbean, spent nearly $25 million on advertising last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.