Electric slide

What do you do with your power?” Not much, when there is none.
Leo Burnett, which created that tagline for ComEd, found that out last week when it and hundreds of other businesses and residences in the Chicago Loop were left wholly or partially without electricity because of a power outage.
It was the third widespread power outage to hit the city since the July heat wave, and this one left Mayor Richard M. Daley sputtering mad at the utility, with lawsuits threatened by the city and by many affected businesses.
Burnett presumably won’t be among those taking legal action.
Its commercials on behalf of the client show characters having fun with electricity, such as an old man singing into a fan for the amusement of his wife and a boy goofing around with an electrical door at a grocery store.
While many Loop workers went home early, Burnett’s building, subject only to a “brownout” as a result of the outage, stayed open, without air conditioning or computers.
“Creatives were told, ‘Now’s the time to get reacquainted with Leo’s Big Black Pencil,'” company representative Wally Petersen said.
–Trevor Jensen