Electric Boat Runs Silent, Runs Deep

BOSTON Ads occasionally use the device of keeping the product hidden, but the approach seems especially appropriate in Mintz & Hoke’s latest print salvo for General Dynamics’ Electric Boat, which manufactures systems used aboard submarines.

One headline reads: “See the 100 mission-ready Special Operations forces about to come ashore? Neither can anyone else.” And another: “The only thing more intimidating than seeing a battle group on the horizon is not seeing one.”

Each ad shows the apparently quiet, non-threatening sea and sky; no submarines are visible. The tagline: “Stealth starts here.”

The approach is designed to dramatize the role Electric Boat plays in helping to meet the U.S. military’s need for increasingly complex warfare capabilities.

Ads from the agency in Avon, Conn., are appearing in Defense News, Sea Power and Armed Forces Journal, among other publications.