Eisner Warns of Predatory Lenders

ATLANTA A series of television and radio ads created by Eisner Communications for the Advertising Council are expected to begin airing by the end of the month, the agency said.

The campaign is designed to teach consumers how to recognize and avoid predatory lenders who use unethical methods to entice homeowners to refinance their houses with terms that they cannot repay. When consumers default on the loan, the lenders foreclose and take the home.

The independent Baltimore shop produced the ads in English and Spanish. The Ad Council has sent the TV and radio PSAs to stations nationwide.

The campaign represents the first work that Eisner has produced for the Ad Council after offering its services to the organization two years ago.

“Predatory lenders are trained con artists and even the savviest consumer can be deceived,” said Shanna Smith, president of the National Fair Housing Alliance, a nonprofit organization that works to ensure equitable access to housing.