Eisner Sees Streams as Baltimore Lifelines

ATLANTA Eisner Communications said it has been tapped by the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks to develop a pro bono campaign promoting the importance of cultivating streams.

The Baltimore shop has created print ads that will launch later this month in local newspapers. Posters and direct mail postcards also will be distributed this month, according to the agency.

Craig Strydom, vice president and associate creative director at Eisner, said that the goal of the campaign is to emphasize the importance of having buffers, such as trees and foliage between streams and urban developments.

The “Hand” and “Sweater” print ads incorporate images of a community with streams and grass painted on a hand and a forest pictured next to a sweater. Both ads include the copy, “Streams are our lifelines. Protect them.”

Strydom added that his objective was to create meaningful work that motivated members of the community to support the delicate ecosystem and fight for the preservation of streams.

“As the copy in the ads suggests, streams are lifelines,” Strydom said. “If they die, we die.”