Eisner Rolls Out Web Initiative for AMF

ATLANTA Eisner Interactive, a division of Eisner Communications, has launched an Internet branding initiative for AMF Bowling Centers.

AMF markets primarily to customers at the local level, but there was only one Web site to represent all of its centers, an agency executive said. The company called upon the Baltimore shop to create a national brand for its centers on the Web site.

According to Michael Teitelbaum, president of Eisner Interactive, the purpose of the initiative was to convey a message that was consistent and easy to adopt for all of AMF. “We created a model that is user-friendly, brand consistent and can be easily updated,” said Teitelbaum.

Customers are now able to get local center information, register for the AMF Fun Club and receive e-mail updates on special offers, events and local leagues via the Web site. An example of the sites can be viewed at www.hanoverlanes.amfcenters.com.