Eisner To Repair ‘tin Men’ Image Of Metal Roofers

Baltimore’s Eisner & Associates has hammered out a four-year, $16 million contract with the Seattle-based Residential Metal Roofing Association, a newly formed organization, after a competitive review.
The account review was conducted by Seattle consultant Tom Black. Eisner defeated two other finalists for the association’s advertising account: Ketchum Com-munications of Pittsburgh and Cohn & Wolfe in Chicago, a division of Young & Rubicam, the agency said.
“Eisner had the edge on this business because of its experience with the Go RVing Association and the fact they have [helped] put together a number of associations,” Black said. “We’re impressed with the work they have done, and we have some similar needs in terms of changing attitudes toward metal roofing.”
Eisner officials said that Black first contacted the agency about the account.
“Our experience in the category, including our work with Black & Decker’s DeWalt brand and the National Association of Home Builders, made us a natural–not to mention Baltimore’s reputation as the home of the infamous ‘tin men’ of the 1950s,” said agency vice president of account services Peter Gladstone.
It is just that kind of reputation–Cadillac-driving, fast-talking salesmen hawking substandard aluminum siding or roofing–that Eisner is charged with changing. The television advertising campaign, which will break in early 1998, will be created with the aim of reversing long-entrenched negative perceptions of metal roofs as ugly, noisy and undependable. The ads, according to Eisner, will demonstrate that today’s metal roofs last longer, require less maintenance and come in a wide variety of attractive colors and styles.
The campaign may also include radio and outdoor in the media mix.