Eisner Puts Necessary Secrets on the Web

ATLANTA Eisner Interactive made Necessary Secrets an Internet marketer this month by launching the Baltimore retailer’s first Web site, the shop said.

Necessary Secrets, a traditional lingerie retailer for the past 20 years, hired Eisner Interactive to design a new logo, build the Web site and market it. There was no incumbent and no review for the account.

“Our goal is to allow a well-known, high-quality local retailer to offer their merchandise to a national audience,” said Will Davis, vice president of EI in Baltimore.

“We decided to make a bigger push this year and Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to leverage our brand to a national audience through the Internet,” said Lynn Fram, owner of Necessary Secrets.

EI is advertising the women’s intimate apparel store through sponsored searches and ads on sites that provide comparison-shopping, Davis said.

Necessary Secrets said it has made more than 50 Internet sales since the site launched earlier this month.