Eisner, Johns Hopkins Go Beyond Baltimore

ATLANTA Eisner Communications plans to launch a campaign Nov. 28 in New York for Johns Hopkins Medicine, the agency said.

The Baltimore shop’s campaign includes network television ads on CBS’ Face the Nation, Sunday Morning With Charles Osgood, CBS Evening News and NBC’s Meet the Press. It also includes a sponsorship of PBS evening programming.

In one of the ads, black-and-white images of Lou Gehrig, Louis Armstrong, Lucille Ball, Ingrid Bergman, Winston Churchill, Alexander Graham Bell and Leonard Bernstein appear in color settings. A narrator asks, “What if Lou Gehrig had played just a few more seasons? How much longer could we cheer? What if Louis Armstrong never suffered a heart attack? How much more could we dance? We’re about to find out.”

Print ads will run in The New York Times Magazine and Forbes. The campaign also includes promotions on the Internet, events in New York and the production of a short film that will be shown at the gatherings. “Imagine” is the tagline in all of the work.

The ads, which promote John Hopkins Medicine’s research abilities and its mission to find new cures for diseases, are the first that JHM has run outside of the Baltimore area where the university is based. The work will begin running in the Baltimore area in January.

“This campaign is an admittedly unusual endeavor for us, but these are unusual times,” said Edward Miller, dean and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine. “We’re doing it because we think we have an obligation to make people aware of what’s at stake.”

The effort also will help raise money to replace aging campus buildings, JHM said.

Campaign spending was not disclosed.