For Eisner, It’s All Fun and Games In New Ads for Maryland Lottery

Restricted from advertising the reason most people play lotteries–to get rich quickly– Eisner & Associates in Baltimore is pushing the “fun” of playing instant-win games in ads that break today for the Maryland Lottery.
In “Locker Room,” a clown is giving a pep talk to an uninspired group of peers. In a last ditch effort to get them motivated he hands out scratch-off lottery tickets. The joy of playing the games gives the clowns the emotional lift they need to return to making merry. The spots allow the client to insert whatever instant-win contest it is currently promoting, which will eventually entail 40 games.
“Extensive segmentation re-search indicated we needed to appeal to different players with different games,” said Eisner vice president of strategic planning David Blum. “But the one thing that ties all players together is the jolt of excitement, and the uplifting rush one gets when actually scratching the tickets to see if it is a winner.”
A second spot, “Date,” shows a couple in a parked car. The young man’s compliments are stilted and awkward because the girl’s father is in the back seat. To have some fun, he hands out lottery game tickets.
“What we wanted to do was show people a situation that normally wouldn’t be fun or that they wouldn’t enjoy,” said Eisner creative director Bill Mitchell. “Then we introduce an element [the lottery games] that turns it around.”
Both spots utilize the line, “Fun. Even when nothing else is,” and incorporate the lottery’s longtime theme, “It could be you.”
The ads will run throughout Maryland, with significant spot buys in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., markets.
Production credits include creative director/art director Mitchell, copywriter Ken Gallagher, producer Dana Cole and director Bob Rice. The spots were shot by Iris Films in Baltimore and Plum Productions in Santa Monica, Calif.