Eisner Gets ‘Hot’ for Maryland Lottery

ATLANTA Eisner Communications launched two new television spots for the Maryland Lottery this week, the shop said.

The 30- and 60-second commercials promote the lottery’s “Hot Family” series of scratch-off tickets and are running statewide and in the Washington, D.C., area.

The ads appear to be a bizarre European-style music video of a singer and two band members singing a song about being “hot” and making exaggerated gestures. At the end of the video, the camera pulls back to reveal a confused couple sitting on a couch watching the video on television. A voiceover and logo disclose the ads are for the lottery’s scratch-off tickets.

The new work continues the “Let Yourself Play” theme that Eisner, an independent shop in Baltimore, developed for the lottery. The last series of ads for the scratch-off game, launched earlier this year, used mannequins locked in a house in a parody of the reality TV show The Real Life. Eisner called its version The Still Life.

“We had so much fun with the spot featuring the mannequins, we had to come up with another playful spoof that demonstrates the fun, entertaining side of the Maryland Lottery,” said Craig Strydom, copywriter for the ads.