Eisner ‘builds America One House At A Time’ For Construction Group

Eisner & Associates of Baltimore tries to evoke a Quakeresque feeling of community with its first advertising campaign for the National Association of Home Builders.
The effort, which represents the association’s first national initiative, has an estimated budget of approximately $1 million.
A 30-second television commercial, titled “Vision,” breaks nationally this week. The spot will air through November on national cable television programming seen on CNN, CNBC, the Learning and Discovery Channels as well as CBS’ Eye on People.
The commercial opens on a scene of a group of builders raising a house frame as a voiceover talks about “walls coming down” in the community. The voiceover goes on to say, “Some see a patch of lawn . . . we see a field of dreams” as boys play ball. The commercial’s narrative continues, “Some see a cul-de-sac, we see a circle of friends” as the image on the screen opens up to an aerial view of a residential development.
“Building America one house at a time” is the themeline behind the Eisner & Associates creative effort.
Supporting print advertising appears in USA Today and other national publications. In addition to the national campaign, there will be localized marketing initiatives that will utilize the same themeline.
“Our goal is to strengthen the image of the home builder and show the contribution that home builders make in our lives,” said Abe Novick, who serves as vice president of new business development at Eisner & Associates. “It’s more than bricks and mortar.”
Eisner & Associates won the client’s business last spring in a review that included two undisclosed agencies.
The Baltimore-based shop was awarded the advertising account with its pledge of increasing the equity of home builders by associating them with the spiritual and economic welfare of the country.