Eisner Allows Scratching Anytime, Anywhere

ATLANTA Eisner Communications this week launched its latest work for the Maryland Lottery that includes two broadcast spots, according to the shop.

The Baltimore agency said it has created two 30-second television commercials to promote the state lottery’s Golden Ticket scratch-off game. Each ad uses humor to show that ticket scratching can be done no matter the time or place.

“Cheerleader” features an elderly woman dressed in a cheerleader’s uniform, performing at a football game. While doing routines, she scratches a Golden Ticket with her foot. A voiceover explains that there are 20 chances to win the grand prize of $100,000.

In “Discotheque,” a man in a white suit, reminiscent of John Travolta’s attire in Saturday Night Fever, does ’70s dance moves as he manages to scratch a lottery ticket.

Both spots conclude with the new slogan, “Fun no matter where you play,” developed by Eisner executive creative director Stephen Etzine and copywriter Craig Strydon.

The campaign broke this week in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and throughout Maryland, the shop said. Radio, print and in-store materials support the television campaign.

Billings on the account amount to $10-14 million annually.