EH+Y Restarts Triumph Bikes

Triumph Motorcycles America is getting an advertising tune-up courtesy of Evans, Hardy + Young.
The Peachtree City, Ga.-based company has advertised sporadically in recent years, but the new work is the first full U.S. campaign for the British-made bikes in 20 years. The print ads, expected to number five or six, marry color shots of today’s Triumphs with vintage photos of the legendary 1950s and ’60s models–an approach that aims to draw on the brand’s equity as a classic but give the new bikes some breathing room.
An ad for the Sprint ST, for example, celebrates tradition with its art (a romantic 1965 racing shot), but flouts it with a cheeky headline: “What good is a really fast bike if it’s too bloody uncomfortable to ride?”
Working with a limited budget, EH+Y had to improvise to piece the ads together, said Scott Young, executive creative director at the Santa Barbara, Calif., agency. The old photo in the Sprint ad, for instance, came from Triumph dealer Matt Capri’s personal scrapbook.
The ads break in March in motorcycle enthusiast magazines and will run through the summer.