Eggo Partnered With Stranger Things for Netflix’s Surprise Super Bowl Hit

The frozen waffle brand couldn't resist the opportunity

Shots of an old Eggo spot opened the Stranger Things ad. Stranger Things
Headshot of Kristina Monllos

Eggo’s unexpected appearance in the Super Bowl was not an accident.

The Kellogg brand worked with Netflix on the spot, which appears to be an ad for the frozen waffles brand before it is revealed to be a teaser for the second season of the hit show Stranger Things. Eggo became a part of the Netflix hit during Season 1 when Eleven, the show’s most recognizable character, enters a grocery store and shoplifts several packages of the frozen waffles. The placement made for a seamless partnership going into the Super Bowl.

“Eggo’s presence in [the ad for] Stranger Things was a happy surprise for the brand and it was clear that fans loved it as much as we did,” said Trinh Le, marketing director for Eggo, in a statement. “So, we couldn’t resist partnering with Netflix in their Super Bowl ad. The partnership is promotional only. All product featured in the show is organic.”

It’s unclear how the deal was struck or if Eggo helped foot the nearly $5 million bill for the Big Game spot. A spokesperson for the brand declined to provide further information, noting that “Details of the partnership are proprietary.”

However, Eggo’s social team was ready to go with dozens of tweets, all with Stranger Things references.

@KristinaMonllos Kristina Monllos is a senior editor for Adweek.