EF, CommonHealth Join on Effort

Einson Freeman, a promotional and event-marketing company, is partnering with healthcare-communications group CommonHealth on a new marketing venture: EinsonHealth.
Both outfits are owned by the WPP Group. John Hopper, Einson Freeman managing partner/global client services, was named managing partner of the new unit, which will coexist with its parent companies.
“Event marketing is very personal, and we are at a point right now where we are recognizing the importance of products, interacting with the consumers and bonding with them,” said Gil Bashe, CEO of CommonHealth, Parsippany, N.J.
An EinsonHealth goal is Net expansion. “We do have a Web site,” Bashe added, “but we are going to launch another one early next year a sort of health-agency dot.com.”
Paramus, N.J.-based Einson Freeman, which reported revenues last year of $22 million, has a long marketing history. “We created the first point-of-purchase for tobacco 90 years ago–the so-called cigar-store Indian,” said Jeff McElnea, Einson Freeman CEO. “We spawned all of our competitors.”
–Richard Linnett