Edwards Decries the ‘Two Americas’

LOS ANGELES Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. John Edwards broke two new ads on Wednesday in Iowa. One addresses the gap between the rich and the poor, while a second focuses on the desire of families to give their children a better life.

The first 30-second commercial, “Two Americas,” uses a split-screen technique in which Edwards addresses the camera while the message of the candidate’s voiceover narrative is emphasized in type on the opposite side of the screen. “It seems today we have two Americas, with two healthcare systems, one for the privileged, another rationed by insurance companies,” Edwards says in the ad. “Two public school systems, one for the haves, and one for everybody else. Two tax systems, where the wealthy and corporations pay less, working families pay more. Two governments, one for powerful interests and lobbyists, and the other for the rest of us.” The tag is “Together you and I can change America and make it work for all of us.”

Another 30-second spot, “Better Life,” deals with aspects of Edwards’ biography. He stands in shirt and tie in front of the house he grew up in, as the scene dissolves into snapshots of unidentified people from the community of his youth. “I was born 50 years ago. This was my first home. The folks I grew up with, they weren’t famous, and they sure weren’t rich,” Edwards says. “They just worked hard every day to give their kid a better life.” Ultimately, the spot shows a contemporary Edwards speaking in front of a U.S. flag, and bringing a crowd to its feet. Edwards concludes: “I believe when you remember where you came from, you’ll always know where you’re going and what you need to fight for: Real change that will give today’s families a chance to give their kids a better life.” The tagline is “As president, that’s what I’ll fight for every day, an America that works for all of us.”

The spots were produced by Penczner Media in Washington, D.C.