EDF “Polar Bear”

Environmental issues have gotten a lot of screen time lately, but this
compelling 60-second PSA from Ogilvy & Mather for the Environmental Defense
Fund finds an unexpected, low-tech way to stress the dangers of global
warming. The ad opens with a shot of garbage strewn on a New York City
street. White plastic bags caught on subway sidewalk grates are naturally
ignored by passersby until a passing train below sends wind up into the
sheets of plastic and inflates them like balloons. Two polar bears rise and
take shape, fluttering in the air escaping from below. And pedestrians start
to notice, stop and stare. The pensive music adds to the curiosity-building
street theater as the bears then dramatically fall flat after the train
passes. Onscreen copy urges, “Help Save the Planet. Ride, Don’t Drive.”