EBay Ads Tout Thrill of Victory

NEW YORK EBay wants people to get into the hunt. Literally.

The online auction giant last week launched an integrated campaign crafted by BBDO, New York, that positions eBay as the place where winners, and those who want to be winners, go.

The effort includes a new tagline, “Shop victoriously,” which replaces “Whatever it is, you can get it on eBay.” The old line was introduced in 2005 in BBDO’s first campaign for the company.

In the 45-second TV commercial “Fox Hunt,” people wearing incomplete fox-hunting outfits (the hats but not the jackets or breeches, etc.) ride through the woods chasing items that could be found on eBay, such as an Evel Knievel lunchbox. As the lunchbox is cornered in a foxhole, a man and woman dismount and race towards it. The woman holds it above her head. The spot ends with a shot of her sitting in front of her wall-mounted collection of lunchboxes.

“We’re giving people a chance to relive the excitement of winning on eBay and whetting their appetite for what they can win,” said Kevin McSpadden, senior director of brand marketing at the San Jose, Calif., company.

The campaign consists of five 30-second spots, banner ads, e-mail blasts, cinema executions, print, personalized catalogs and branded entertainment elements.

The spots will run on Sunday Night Football on ESPN and other prime-time sports events on broadcast and cable. “We will be heavy on places where people are winning, such as sports, reality and game shows,” McSpadden said.

Direct mail will go to 4.1 million eBay users and will show auctions that they may be interested in based on their profiles.

Branded entertainment takes the form of a seven-episode online film called “The Winner’s Guide to Winning Everything,” which will be seen on shopvictoriously.ebay.com later this month. It stars comedians Andy Richter and Paul F. Tompkins traveling up and down the West Coast in a Winnebago talking up what it takes to win. Spending was undisclosed.

“EBay is such a unique, crazily wonderful site that the campaign is about highlighting what’s unique about it,” said David Lubars, chairman and chief creative officer at Omnicom’s BBDO.