An Easygoing Big Boy in Your Life

Detroit Big Boy Restaurants International will break a new multimedia branding campaign Monday showing the Big Boy character in lighthearted, unexpected life situations, the company said.

The advertising campaign from Simons Michelson Zieve Advertising, Troy, Mich., introduces a “Big Boy is part of your life” theme and an “Ohhh Boy!” branding hook. A series of radio and TV commercials will begin airing in Michigan and Ohio markets from March 3 through April 19.

New lunch and dinner menus for the Warren, Mich, restaurant chain also carry the Big Boy theme. Menu covers show the Big Boy character sitting in a barber’s chair, with friends in a snazzy car, under a hair dryer at a salon and having fun with a group of children.

Billings on the campaign were not disclosed. Big Boy’s media expenditures just topped $1 million through November 2002, according to CMR.