Easy On, Easy Off

Mullen has its mansion in the North Shore woods. Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos has its view from Boston’s John Hancock Tower. And in June, RDW Group will operate out of a former Pontiac dealership near Route 95.
The future home of the Providence, R.I., agency will be nearly 10,000 square feet larger than its headquarters of five years–15,400-square-foot office space on downtown Ship Street.
In addition, the new locale will undergo a complete transformation: The nondescript structure will be shingled in a style similar to The Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, R.I.
While RDW’s current space requires newly appointed creative director Tony Gill to share an office with a copywriter, its future home will easily provide 82 employees with their own workspace. “The building’s elastic in that we can add staff if the need arrives without having to move,” said principal Michael Doyle.
The new headquarters will be easy on the eye as well as the body, with a fountain in the middle of a spacious courtyard and an exercise room complete with showers.
Senior vice president of marketing Josh Fenton joked that the amenities are because “Mike doesn’t let us go home very often.”
–Sarah Jones