E-Stamp Mails Account to Butler

SAN FRANCISCO – Internet postage service E-Stamp has awarded its estimated $10 million account to Butler, Shine & Stern.
The Sausalito, Calif., shop will create a marketing strategy and ad campaign for the client, which will launch later this year.
E-Stamp selected Butler following a round of meetings with several Bay Area agencies. The client initially intended a formal review, but went with Butler after talking with its executives.
“We selected Butler, Shine & Stern for the agency’s proven ability to create distinctive, meaningful brands both on and off the Internet,” said Nicole Eagan, vice president of marketing and business development for the San Francisco-based client.
“E-Stamp has the opportunity to own the rapidly emerging category,” said agency president Greg Stern. “We believe they have the most compelling offering, and we’re excited to have been given the challenge of creating a brand identity and message that will prominently position them.”
Stern said the agency will create a national campaign that will most likely include TV, print, radio and interactive ads. The effort will be targeted primarily to small businesses and home offices. Butler will also handle media.
E-Stamp allows consumers to purchase postage directly from their PCs. It has established partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, America Online, Compaq and Yahoo!
The win comes at a good time for the agency, which last month lost the creative portion of the Borders Books account, also worth $10 million. ¡