E! to Run Headlines on Digital Boards

Digital billboards aren’t just for advertising anymore. As part of E! Entertainment Television’s new campaign to promote its weeknight news program, the net will air entertainment news alerts on Clear Channel’s national digital billboard network.

Launched Labor Day (Sept. 7), the news alert campaign created by MediaVest takes advantage of the digital format’s ability to change messages at a moment’s notice. For eight weeks, the news alerts will tease the breaking stories scheduled to be covered in that evening’s E! News program.

E! News’ alerts will be displayed on more than 125 digital billboards in nine top markets: Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix, Tampa, Minneapolis and Cleveland. Collectively, the boards reach nearly 10 million people daily, several times the size of E!’s daily audience.

“This innovative use of out-of-home digital video is a bellwether for the future of the out-of-home medium. Leveraging RSS technology and the ability to instantly and regularly update content taps into the true power of the medium and advances how brands make meaningful, immediate connections with consumers,” said Norm Chait, svp and director of OOH investment and activation for MediaVest.

This isn’t the first time digital billboards have served as news and information sources. On election night, Clear Channel turned its digital billboards and taxi tops into an out-of-home news network, displaying real-time tally updates of the results. Last year, CC and the LA Times did a deal to display news content as part of the paper’s promotion of its Web site and print products. Digital boards are also widely used for Amber Alerts and to display emergency information.