E-P Promotes Mill-Cum-Condo Development

ATLANTA Erwin-Penland said it has created a marketing campaign for The Lofts at Mills Mill.

The Greenville, S.C., shop this week launched radio and print advertisements and outdoor posters. The ads are running in local newspapers such as The Greenville News and Metro Beat, as well as real estate publications.

The Lofts at Mills Mill is a 106-year-old textile mill that is being converted to residential loft space. It will encompass 108 condominium units, a swimming pool and fitness center. According to the agency, this development is the first of its kind in Greenville. The shop also has devised a one-year plan focusing on feature stories, announcements and events to create public awareness about the project.

“The Lofts at Mills Mill is the past meets the future,” said agency creative director Mike Weston. “Residents will experience the epitome of 100 years of Greenville’s history.”

Campaign spending was undisclosed.