E-P Fights Addiction With ‘Intervene Now’

ATLANTA Erwin-Penland has created its first Partnership for a Drug-Free America campaign to reach the friends and families of people with alcohol and drug addictions, the shop said.

Called “Hope, help and healing,” the campaign includes television, radio, print and outdoor ads. The new ads launched this month in Cincinnati and will expand to Houston later this year. If the effort is successful in those cities, it will be offered in other parts of the nation next year.

In one of the television ads from E-P, a family eating at a restaurant fails to offer help to the father, who is choking on his food. The spot illustrates how many families react to addiction with embarrassment and denial instead of taking action.

E-P developed the tagline, “Intervene now,” for the campaign and created the Web site, www.intervenenow.org, to provide resources for the friends and family members of people with an addiction. All the advertising drives people to the Web site.

“Not only will this give friends and families of drug and alcohol abusers a place to go for help, it will also be a tracking mechanism of the campaign’s success,” said Mike Weston, associate creative director at the Interpublic Group shop in Greenville, S.C.