DWP//Bates Looks to the Valley

DWP//Bates Technology is extending its brand to Silicon Valley. The Atlanta shop has joined forces with Campbell, Calif.-based 2by4 brand architects, an agency with 30 years of experience working with technology clients such as IBM, Philips and NEC. The newly formed shop will be called DWP// Bates Technology Silicon Valley.

“It’s a joint marketing venture. We’re assuming their brand,” said Patty Gebhardt, formerly CEO of 2by4 and now svp, managing director of the new company.

At this point, Bates Worldwide, the parent company of DWP//Bates, has not purchased 2by4. However, an acquisition “could transpire in the future,” Gebhardt said.

DWP//Bates Technology Silicon Valley will be staffed by 2by4’s 10 current employees. As new-business opportunities develop, the agency plans to make additional hires across all departments, Gebhardt said.

The company felt the time was right for forming this relationship, Gebhardt added. “We wanted to use the slow period to evolve our agency,” she said. “Now, when the market recovers, we’ll be all set to meet client requirements.”

“With tightening budgets and a focus on quantifiable results, tech companies everywhere are migrating from the consumer shops they flocked to at the height of the Internet mania back to tech-savvy agencies,” said Frank Donino, chairman and CEO of DWP//Bates Technology in Atlanta.

“Teamed with 2by4, we can instantly provide West Coast clients with technology success stories, category knowledge that matters and creativity that has been proven to drive brand demand and build technology brands,” he said.

Apart from Atlanta, DWP//Bates has U.S. offices in Irvine, Calif., New York and Reston, Va. Bates Worldwide acquired DWP//Bates, formerly known as Donino White & Partners, in August 2000.