Dworin: Suit Should Stand

NEW YORK Former Deutsch Inc. executive Steve Dworin responded this week to a motion by executives at the Interpublic Group agency to dismiss his lawsuit against them.

Dworin, who left the shop in 1994, filed the suit in March in Superior Court in Union County, N.J., seeking $56 million in damages.

The filing stems from a “non-disparagement” agreement forged between Dworin and the agency following the former’s departure. Dworin claims a breach of contract occurred 11 years later in Donny Deutsch’s 2005 book, Often Wrong, Never in Doubt, in which the latter described their often tumultuous working relationship.

The defendants—Deutsch Inc., shop chairman Donny Deutsch and CEO Linda Sawyer—in June filed motions to have Dworin’s suit dismissed.

In his response filed on Monday, Dworin lists various reasons the case should proceed, including Deutsch’s introduction of “irrelevant information” about Dworin’s personal life in his dismissal motion.

“I look forward to watching Mr. Deutsch try and squirm/lie his way out of this on the witness stand,” Dworin wrote in a statement e-mailed to Adweek. “Donny has certain abilities that have allowed him to get away with lying and misleading the public for way too long and it is time he be exposed for who/what he really is/is not, and if I have to devote the rest of my life to making sure that happens, I will.”

Deutsch attorney Judd Burstein responded to Dworin’s statement, saying, “This is a silly case brought by a man who should be looking in the mirror for the cause of his failed life.”

The court has until Sept. 10 to decide if the case will proceed.